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Armidale Dance Group

Saturday the 21st of October

VENUE: Hall, Drummond Memorial School, 250 Rusden Street. TIME: 7.30-9.00pm. COST: $9pp. A "plate" for supper appreciated. Music: Phil Sanders. For more information, phone Hazel on 02 6775 2543 or email hcharles@bigpond.com.


  ( 1 bracket each of these dances)        ( 1 bracket of these dances)

1. Festival Glide /Alpine Stroll                     2. Bluebird Modern Waltz

3. Mayfair Quickstep/ Merrilyn                    4. Firefly Tango

5. Swing Waltz/ Alvaston Blues                  6. Waltz Supreme

7. Carousel/ Sindy Swing                           8. Vanity Modern Waltz

9. Eugene Tango/ Barcelona                    10. Shamrock Schottische

11. Alpha/Gypsy Tap                               12. Linden Swing


13. Emmerdale Modern Waltz                 14. Presentation Waltz

15. Dynasty Blues                                 16. Cherry Tree Saunter        

17. Red Rose Saunter                            18. Cameron Quickstep

19. Woodside Waltz                             20. Harlequin Swing

21. Serenade Waltz                              22. Silver Modern Waltz


No matter what time of year you visit, chances are there will be an event or festival in or around Armidale. Events not to be missed include the Autumn Festival, Flix in the Stix, Armidale International Film Festival and A Day On the Green. Other great annual events include Australia Day Festivals in each centre, Armidale Jockey Club's Autumn Racing Festival, Armidale Youth Orchestra Garden Party, New England Outdoor Expo and the NEGS Equestrian events. Do you organise an event that you would like included in the calendar? Please email us.

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