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Guyra - The Old Convent Gardens

Phone02 6779 2216
Address35 Malpas Street
Guyra NSW 2365
DetailsPriceless Treasures At Affordable Prices!! Take a whimsical trip into serendipity at the timeless display at “the Old Convent Gardens”. Journey down the lost highway to Guyra and enjoy with us art treasures from all ancient epochs and all facets of style and passion. Our quaint display includes statues, fountains, finials, columns, capitals, pedestals, urns, pots, benches, factotums, plaques, curios, bric-a-brac, ponds, knick- knacks, knockers, cherubs, charms, antiquities, thrones, pilasters, planters, birdbaths, sundials, sentimenture, tablature, bases, accessories, relics, dragons and gargoyles, arboures, arches, balustrades, filigree, carvings, panels, lions, lintels: infinitum. Authentic Faux recreations perfect in detail and in mass, in original materials such as stone, marble and Iron will bring daily delight to your home both in outdoor or indoor settings. Our resident sculptor and designer, Dashan Wood, can create or resource any article or feature.

Armidale • New England High Country